Consultation & Implementation

We offer consultation, education / training, development of training programs and support in the implementation of developmental neuroprotective trauma-informed care in neonatal units as well as other training in neonatology and perinatalogy.

Our services are offered to health care professionals working in neonatology and perinatalogy, in hospital as well as community settings, in Canada, as well as overseas.

Nurses, nurse practitioners, neonatologists, pediatricians and respiratory therapists are directly targeted for their impact on patient care.  However, other health care professionals, like occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, social workers, laboratory and radiology technicians, are also invited to participate in our multidisciplinary educational program.

Moreover, since the success of developmental care implementation in a neonatal unit also depends on administrative support, being it financial or in terms of resources, our educational programs also target administrative agents in position of power.

 The creation of an implementation team is essential and supported by a leading practice of Accreditation Canada as well as the latest institutional implementation guidelines for neuroprotective development care.


We offer our consultation services by phone or in NICUs to help:

  • Identify the needs of the neonatal unit
  • Create a developmental care implementation plan as per the new institutional implementation guidelines.
  • Coaching and assistance in the implementation of this action plan.
  • The design of new neonatal units that meet the recommended standards of NICU design and the guidelines in developmental care


Following the educational program, we remain available for support to long-term implementation of developmental care in the neonatal unit. 

 This can be done by occasional follow-up consultations or as external expert consultants sitting on a developmental care committee created following the recommendations of the institutional implementation of developmental neuroprotective trauma-informed care guidelines in the NICU.