# Title Link
1 NICDAP - Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program
NIDCAP official web site. The NFI’s mission is to promote the advancement of the philosophy and science of NIDCAP care and to assure the quality of NIDCAP education, training and certification for professionals and hospital systems.
2 The Canadian Neonatal Brain Platform
Aims to promote brain development and plasticity and create a framework to support prospective single and multicenter trials and to enhance partnership with key knowledge users such as families.
3 Parents orphans
Parents Orphelins chose to represent all parents who are experiencing a perinatal mourning, regardless of when their baby died.
4 Mӧlnlycke - Z Flo
Positionning tools and other resources
5 WEE Care - Phillips
A quality improvement program with holistic methodology for managing stress and minimizing risk, which aims to provide a calming and soothing atmosphere that involves the whole family.
6 Préma-Québec
Préma-Québec's mission is to improve the quality of life of preterm children by providing psychological and financial support to their parents. We are the only organization in the province that comes to the aid of parents of premature children.
7 VIJA-Design
Clothing for breastfeeding, skin-to-skin and kangaroo tubes
8 CPS- Canadian Pediatric Society
The CPS is the national association of paediatricians, committed to working together to advance the health of children and youth by nurturing excellence in health care, advocacy, education, research and support of its membership.
9 Certification - Massage and gentle touch
Certification provided by Creative Therapy Consultants for health care professionals
10 Certification - NIDCAP
NIDCAP certification information.