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1 Milette et al (2019). Advances in Neonatal Care • Vol. 19, No. 1 • pp. 9-1.
Executive Summary: Guidelines for the Institutional Implementation of Developmental Neuroprotective Care in the NICU. A Joint Position Statement From CANN, CAPWHN, NANN and COINN.
2 Charpentier-Demers, C., Savaria, M., Milette, I. & Martel, M-J. (2018). Cue-based feeding in the NICU. Perspective Infirmière: Revue Officielle De L'ordre Des Infirmières Et Infirmiers Du Québec. 2018; 15
In order to take the breast or the bottle successfully, the premature baby will have to develop many more skills necessary to achieve a safe oral diet.
3 Larone Juneau, A., Lemay, C., Milette, I., & Martel. M-J. (2018). Pratiques de sommeil sécuritaire du nouveau-né. Perspective Infirmière: Revue Officielle De L'ordre Des Infirmières Et Infirmiers Du Québec. 2018;15(4), 22-25.
Safe Sleep Practices (SSP) are a set of recommendations that promote safe sleep for babies, including reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
4 Stefanakis K, larone Juneau A, Milette I, Martel MJ, Friboulet Gaudy J. Le bain emmailloté du nouveau-né (Bundled bathing). Perspective Infirmière: Revue Officielle De L'ordre Des Infirmières Et Infirmiers Du Québec. 2018;15(3):54-57
Bundle bathing is a care that tries to reproduce the sensations experienced by the baby in the belly of his mother.
5 Larone Juneau A, Charpentier-Demers A, Milette I, Martel MJ. Le massage des bébés prématurés ou nés à terme, mais malades (Massage of premature infants). Perspective infirmière. 2018;15(2):40-43.
Massage is a form of care of proximity, a privileged contact which represents, above all, a moment of relaxation and complicity between the parent and his baby. Massage is usually defined by moderate pressure on the body with the hands...
6 Matte C, Lauzon-Vincent A, Milette I, Martel MJ. Positionnement thérapeutique, modes de déplacement et modes de portage des bébés prématurés (Therapeutic positionning). Perspective infirmière. 2018;15(1):24-26
The prematurity of a baby requires special precautions for positioning. This article discusses the principles to consider for safe therapeutic positioning.
7 Savaria M, Larone Juneau A, De la Chevrotière S, Martel MJ. La méthode kangourou, ou le peau-à-peau (Skin-to-skin or Kangaroo care). Perpestives Infirmières. 2017;14(5):46-48.
The kangaroo method (MK) offers skin-to-skin contact between the parent and his baby. This widely tested method is now being applied all over the world.
8 Bizier N, Sainte-Pierre E, Milette I, Martel MJ. Mieux comprendre les comportements du nouveau-né (Understanding newborns' behavioral cues). Perpestives Infirmières. 2017;14(4):42-45.
Behaviors of the premature neonate or term, but who is sick, can be decoded and interpreted thanks to the synactive theory developed by Heidelise Als, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. What does this theory consist of?
9 Martel MJ, Milette I. Introduction aux soins du développement aux nouveau-nés (Introduction to developmental care). Perpestives Infirmières. 2017;14(3):35-37.
Developmental care is particularly important for nurses, as they are responsible for caring for newborns and their parents.
10 Milette I, Martel MJ, Ribeiro da Silva M, Coughlin M. Guidelines for the institutional implementation of developmental neuroprotective care in the NICU. Part B: Recommendations and justification.
A joint position statement from the CANN, CAPWHN, COINN & NANN. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 2017;49(2):63-74.