Resources: Online and audio-visual ressources

# Title Link
1 Table - Core measure in developmental neuroprotective trauma-informed care.
2 Developmental care monthly article search
Article search on theoretical concepts, implementation, specific care practice and research in developmental care. Updated every 3 months.
3 Neonatalogy blog
Barrington (hosted by) - Articles and information on neonatal issues and latest evidence-based interventions
4 Quantum Caring Article Reviews
Mary Coughlin reviews multiples articles for us on her amazing quest for information - check her website!
5 NTMC - Creative Therapy Consultants
Training and certificaiton on massage and therapeutic touch for health care professionals. DVD on massage, bundle bathing and kangaroo care for parents and health care professionnals.
6 Focus on the brain
Children Medical Venture training DVD on fetal brain development
7 The best in daily life
The Best in Daily Life is a project designed specifically for families with children aged 0-2 years that are born preterm or with other health issues. Our goal is to provide information and practical advice regarding the baby’s development and behaviour.
8 Neonatal Developmental Care
Training DVD on developmental care specific interventions
9 NeuroNICU - How to serie
This educational series, you will hear from professionals who have been involved in the creation of NICU's around the globe who are embracing the innovative practices and therapies necessary to improve and maximize neuro-developmental outcomes of infants.
10 NICUniversity offers a wide range of relevant and important continuing education courses for the practicing neonatology health care provider