# Title Link
1 Infant cue-based feeding
Knowing how to support each step of their feeding skills development will lead to a positive feeding experience for your premature newborn baby.
2 GOLD Neonatal Online Conference
Here at GOLD we're excited to continue our work of bringing you the latest research, trends, new ideas and hot topics in the world of neonatal care.
3 Table - Core measure in developmental neuroprotective trauma-informed care.
4 HSO: Health Standards Organisation / Accreditation Canada
The Leading Practices Library is a knowledge sharing hub of innovative practices that have been identified through a rigorous evaluation process. It is available to policy makers and organizations who are seeking ways to improve the quality of care.
5 Milette et al (2019). Advances in Neonatal Care • Vol. 19, No. 1 • pp. 9-1.
Executive Summary: Guidelines for the Institutional Implementation of Developmental Neuroprotective Care in the NICU. A Joint Position Statement From CANN, CAPWHN, NANN and COINN.
6 Quantum Caring for Parents (QCP) - NICU
Admission to the NICU is a stressful and frightening event! Whether your baby's hospital stay is short or long, your presence, your touch, your voice, and your love are very important for your baby's health. Caring Essentials Collaborative.
7 Milette, Martel & Ribeiro da Silval (2019). Les soins du développement: assurer la neuroprotection chez les nouveau-nés. = Developmental care: neuroprotection in newborns. 2nd Ed.
In redaction.
8 My preemie app
Created by experts and parents and designed to inform, comfort, organize, and engage, the MyPreemie app for preemie families promotes parent well-being and engagement in the NICU and beyond.
9 My premature baby
The app contains all the prematurity information from the Tommy's book: Having a premature baby. This book was published in 2011 and has received a Highly Commended Award in the British Medical Association Patient Information Awards (2014).
10 Peekaboo ICU PREEMIE App
Invaluable tool made specifically for parents of preemies. Designed to inform, inspire, and engage parents as they navigate their way through the NICU. Peekaboo ICU PREEMIE offers parents an empowering and educational guide to prematurity.