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P.F.S.D.©+: Advanced training program in developmental care - bedside coaching


Changing behaviors and work habits is difficult in any context but represents a major challenge in the health care system. Although communication, education and training enable health professionals to better understand the changes required and to commit to apply them in their clinical practice, behavioral changes take time and usually require external influence: a coach. Research in the sector shows that when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity on the requested change by 86% on average, compared to 22% with training alone. Coaching increases the speed of adoption of behaviors related to new knowledge and optimizes their application in clinical practice.

 Description & objective

 This training aims to integrate your theoretical knowledge into your clinical practice through bedside coaching, in order to maximize your clinical skills in neuroprotective SDD. The ultimate goal in the patient is to maximize the neurodevelopmental potential of sick or premature newborns by decreasing their toxic stress.

 Specific learning objectives

 Improve your ability to interpret newborn behaviors and cues by observing and identifying signs of stress and adjustment.

  • Improved your clinical competence in care practices according to the 5 basic measures in developmental care. Mainly:
    • Calming and carrying method
    • physiological positioning
    • infant-driven feeding
    • swaddled bathing